I have worked many years in interior design and have always loved working with color and textures. A few years ago I discovered that I truly have a passion and flair for making beautiful jewelry. So turning all of my focus learning how to do this and where to find the supplies to fuel my passion became my goal in life. Much of my time is spent searching for just the right elements which in turn take me in new and unexpected directions. The gemstones, art glass, pearls and silver that I use to create my work come from all around the world. My inspirations come from the beauty of nature that God has created for all of us to enjoy. The vibrant colors of the flowers and trees that we all look so forward to seeing each spring. Beauty in the sky and water, I have experienced sunsets on the beach that literally took my breath away. Again in the fall a completely different pallet of colors but all just as glorious.
My home is in North Georgia near beautiful Lake Lanier. I reside here with my wonder husband Tim and our sweet, funny & mischievous dog Bella. Tim is the man behind the scene. He has done everything from putting up festival tents to creating our web site, logo & business cards. I could not have done this without him.

No one said it was easy to follow your dreams but I am are inspired by the compliments and comments that have come from everyone that loves and appreciates my jewelry.

Thank you for your continued support with your purchases and I hope that those of you who have not entered our gallery before will truly enjoy your experience! As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Hold onto your dreams!
Darlene Fetter