Darlene Fetter with Izabella has been conducting lobby events in the Metro Atlanta area since 2005 and has become a vendor for many of the Class A properties and top management companies throughout Atlanta. Izabella professionally displays a line of high fashion accessories including designer inspired handbags, a signature jewelry collection that is handmade and exclusive to Izabella, quality fashion jewelry and other great gift items. All at affordable prices ranging from $12 - $80 with most items falling in the $20 -$45 price range. Izabella is owned and operated by Darlene Fetter.

Izabella is all about fund raising, we donate a generous portions of all of our proceeds to charities; St Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta, The American Red Cross, Fireman's Burn Unit, Toys For Tots, The Atlanta Food Bank, National Breast Cancer Foundation and others.

Izabella presents a classy and professional set up at your location and offers a fun perk and moral booster for your employees and patrons as well. It's also a time saver for those that have a limited amount of time to shop for gifts and accessories. Izabella stands by our products and has a very liberal return and exchange policy. All major credit cards are accepted. Izabella can provide references upon request.

Would you like to have Izabella do a show at your place of business or host fund raiser in Metro Atlanta? Please have your property manager or event coordinator contact us or send us the name and phone number of the contact person to schedule a show at your location, please contact Darlene Fetter at 678-463-0980 or e-mail us at Darlene@izabelladesigns.com. You'll be glad you did. The event coordinator will receive a thank you gift for having us in.